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Midnight Expedition to the North Cape fra 9975 NOK

Join us on a Winter Expedition to the Northernmost point of Europe. Conquer the arctic wilderness by snowmobile, spend the night at the North Cape and enjoy the stunning scenery and lights of the Arctic - hunting for the northern lights. This is a once in a lifetime adventure! Les mer

The North Cape Tour fra 680 NOK

SUMMER 2018: Visit the North Cape and the great sights of the arctic. Experience reindeer, fishing villages and the northernmost of Europe. Join us on a journey through stunning scenery with view stops along the way. All entrance tickets included. This tour corresponds with all cruise ships and you are guaranteed to be back in time. Les mer

Adventure to the North Cape fra 750 NOK

The North Cape Plateau - Follow in the footsteps of explorers, kings and queens. See the plateau at the end of the world, with its barren cliffs, and the mystical treeless and rugged landscape. Les mer

Adventure to the North Cape by Night and Hunt for the Aurora Borealis fra 1395 NOK

Join Arctic Guide Service on the Arctic Night Adventure to the North Cape and the island of Magerøya. On the way through the fascinating arctic landscape you will leave the lights of Honningsvåg behind and follow a snowplough along the white and exhilarating road all the way up to the North Cape plateau. Les mer

Artico Ice Bar fra 135 NOK

Artico Ice Bar was born for all those looking forward to enjoy natural ice and snow in summer. It is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. We’re not just a tourist attraction, neither just a “cool” place to have a drink, nor one of those facilities made up of fridge-ice in unthinkable places around the world. Come and see it for yourself in the center of Honningsvåg! Please don't forget to tell us about your arrival time! Les mer

ATV Vintersafari fra 995 NOK

Bli med på vintersafari gjennom et arktisk landskap. Opplev den unike naturen på Magerøya fra en ATV. På turen vil du få muligheten til å stoppe flere plasser for å se øya fra spektakulære utsiktspunkt. Les mer

Fuglesafari fra 695 NOK

Dette er en av de tingene du opplever kun en gang i livet. Den to timer lange båtturene starter i Gjesvær og går ut til Gjesværstappan naturreservat som ligger 15 km vest for Nordkapplatået. Les mer

Fuglesafari til Stappan naturreservat fra 750 NOK

Fuglesafari er et cruise i Gjesværs skjærgård til forskjelligefuglekolonier ute i fuglefjellet Stappan. En fantastisk naturopplevelse blant millioner av fugler, i et landskap man ikke finner maken til. Stappan naturreservat er et av Europas største fugleparadis. Mulighet for transport fra Honningsvåg. Les mer

Hornvika - The Original North Cape Tour - with return transfer from Honningsvåg if required fra 1495 NOK

Discover the North Cape like the kings and queens. Back in the old days, when people where brought to the North Cape by boat instead of busses, they stopped at Hornvika, the Horn of the North Cape, and then climbed up on a trail on the side of the North Cape Plateau. This excursion is adjusted to all cruise ship arrivals. Les mer

Hornvika and the North Cape Horn – the original entrance to the Northern Cape and sami place of sacrifice fra 1490 NOK

Experience North Cape like true explorers by arriving from the sea to Hornvika - the old entrance to the North Cape. There you also can see the unusual and spectacular rock formation, Hornet or Nordkapp Hornet. That was previously a Sami tradition where gifts were given in the hope that they would bring good luck. Les mer

Inngangsbillett Nordkapp fra 275 NOK

I over 300 år har mennesker fra hele verden tatt seg frem til Nordkapp for å oppleve det nordligste punktet på europeisk fastland. Mange personligheter har tatt den strabasiøse turen nordover: konger og prinser, eventyrere og ekspedisjonsfarere. Les mer

King Crab Express fra 750 NOK

Join the King Crab Express to Sarnes and learn all there is to know about this infamous crustacean amidst stunning arctic scenery. We pick you up at the cruise pier, and drive with a minibus to Sarnes. Here our staff will welcome you and you will have the chance to see and even hold a live king crab. Les mer

Kongekrabbesafari på 71° Nord fra 1565 NOK

Bli med oss på en uforglemmelig kongekrabbesafari i området rundt Nordkapp. Her får dere et møte med den beryktede kongekrabben, og dere får anledning til å smake den. Les mer

Lavvo Experience fra 1595 NOK

Why not do something new and exciting? Experience the Arctic winter night in a Lavvo with glass ceilings, so you can enjoy the view of the northern lights. In the Lavvo we light up the oven and you sleep on reindeer skin. This is the perfect way to experience an Arctic winter night. Les mer

Live King Crab fra 30 NOK

Come visit our tourist and activity center in Skarsvåg, the northernmost fishing village in the world. Here you will learn about the infamous king crab, and it will be opportunity to hold and take pictures of this special creature. Les mer

Nordkapp Expedition fra 3475 NOK

Experience the arctic in a stunning expedition to Nordkapp. Spend the night in our polar base camp. This unique experience is for everyone. You will be hunting for the northern lights, ice fishing, learning about the arctic and reaching the northernmost of Europe on snow shoes. Les mer

Nordlysjakt på ATV fra 1490 NOK

Bli med på nordlysjakt på toppen av Europa. Dette er en enestående opplevelse og byr på et arktisk eventyr uten sidestykke. Les mer

North Cape ATV-safari fra 2625 NOK

Join us on a winter expedition to the North Cape through stunning scenery and nature. Experience the unique views of fjords, ocean and mountain scenery from an ATV. On the tour you will have the ability to stop several places to see the island from spectacular viewpoints. Les mer

North Cape Rafting, Photo and King Crab Safari fra 950 NOK

Experience our Deep sea rafting, Photo and King Crab safari, all in one, in our RIB-boat, visiting historical and geographical highlights in an unik environment, close up to North Cape. Fantastic experience and fantastic photos. Les mer

North Cape Winter Tour fra 890 NOK

Visit the North Cape and the great sights of the arctic in winter. Experience the North Cape Hall and its exhibitions. Enjoy the great photo opportunities at the northernmost of Europe. Join us on a journey through stunning scenery on your way to the North Cape. All entrance tickets included. This tour corresponds with Hurtigruten and you are guaranteed to be back in time. Les mer

Northern Lights Adventure at the North Cape fra 995 NOK

Experience the Northern Lights at the very northern most point of Europe on the plateau of the North Cape itself. You will be going with a convoy through rugged arctic scenery and will be standing next to the globe, a famous landmark, overlooking the endless ocean, looking north, searching for the aurora. Les mer

Northern Lights chase to Nordkapp fra 1395 NOK

Join us on a unique Northern Lights chase to the northernmost of Europe. Explore the northern wilderness on snow shoes and enjoy the stunning scenery of Arctic winter. This tour is operated by an experienced wilderness guide. Les mer

Segway Honningsvåg fra 695 NOK

Visit the sights in Honningsvåg on a Segway. This is the complete experience, taking you along the seafront, giving you insights and historical information, riding the coolest machine in the world! Les mer

Snowfun and aurora chase in BaseCamp NorthCape fra 550 NOK

BaseCamp North Cape – Snowfun combined with northern light chasing. Les mer

Snowmobile Safari to the North Cape fra 2625 NOK

Visit the North Cape by snow mobile, enjoy stunning scenery and the lights of the Arctic. The journey goes through a scenic landscape with fjords, plains and snowy scenery. Photo opportunities on route. Les mer

Snowshoe Safari to Kirkeporten fra 450 NOK

Snowshoes are designed to walk on a thick layer of snow and make it much easier to do the walk to Kirkeporten, one of the small miracles along the coast of Northern Norway. This natural arch provides a very special view of the North Cape. Les mer

Snøscootersafari til Nordkapp fra 2625 NOK

Besøk Nordkapp med snøscooter, nyt fantastisk natur og det arktiske lyset. Reisen går gjennom et naturskjønt område med fjorder, vidder og snødekte landskap. Fotomuligheter underveis. Les mer

The King Crab and Fishing Experience fra 1195 NOK

Join our exclusive fishing experience with stunning views of the North Cape and the Barents sea. We will be passing islands and fjords, getting up close to magnificient wild life and scenery. With the possibilty of catching cod, halibut, haddock and more. The location is Skarsvåg, the northernmost fishing village in Europe with the best coastal fishing grounds. Skarsvåg has short distance to famous fishing grounds as Opnan and the banks outside North Cape. At the end of the tour we will visit North Cape Experience to see and take photo of live kingcrab. Here you also have the possibility to eat fresh Kingcrab in the resturant. Les mer

Whale and nature safari - with transfer from Honningsvåg if required fra 1195 NOK

Join us on a whale and nature safari around the North Cape, passing three islands with bird life nesting. Spectacular views of the monumental North Cape cliff. Chance of close encounter with whales and seals will make this trip an magnificient experience! This excursion is adjusted to all cruise ship arrivals. Les mer
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