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Tickets to Lilleputthammer

Book online and save money! Get 5% discount on the ticket to Lilleputthammer Family Park in Lillehammer region.
Lilleputthammer is an adventure park for young and old, but where most of the activities are designed for children 1-9 years. Here you find a miniature copy of the famous main street - Storgata - in Lillehammer as it was back in the year 1930, built to a scale of 1:4.

The following children’s activities are offered among the charming small wooden buildings: train, Ola's frog leap, electric-powered cars, farris wheel, mini rollercoaster, climbing tower and obstacle course, bumper boats, huge jumping cushion, trampolines and other playground facilities.

In Lilleputthammer, the kids can ride on a train, drive a car or ride on a bicycle, and the miniature houses make the kids feel like giants. Inside the houses they can discover fun activities at sites such as the painting room, the ball room, the mini cinema, etc.

Book tickets to Lilleputthammer family park and receive a 5% internet discount. There will be regulated admissions and a maximum limit on the number of guests this summer.

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September 2020
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Sat 26 Sep 2020 -
Voksen:170 NOK
Ledsager (med gyldig ledsagerbevis):0 NOK
Honnør:85 NOK
Barn 6-11 år (6-11):170 NOK
Barn 3-5 år (3-5):142 NOK
Barn 1-2 år (1-2):0 NOK
Barn 0 år (0-0):0 NOK