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Tree top adventure park

At SarvesAlta we can offer a day of fun, excitement and challenges in activity trails in the Arctic Woods. We have six different trails with games, activities and ziplines built safely in the Nordic pine trees in the Sarves forest. We can offer an exciting day for everyone, you need no forehand experiences to participate – but if you are experienced, we can offer challenging trails for you too.
The park
At the park we have six trails with games, activities and ziplines, as well as one 207 meter long speedy zipline. The trails contains more than 55 different games and activities where you use balance, climbing and creativity to get you from one platform to another. The six different trails are marked with difficulty to assure everyone have fun at their own pace.

Opening hours 2018
2/6 - 22/6 saturday-sunday 12.00 - 17:00
23/6-29/7 daily 12:00 - 17:00
30/7 - 19/8 thursday - sunday 12:00 - 17:00
20/8 - 30/9 saturday - sunday 12:00 - 17:00
29/9 - 7/10 daily 12:00 - 17:00

While doing our trails you are at all time connected to a continuous lifeline to assure no dangerous accidents. At the park we have some safety rules you have to accept and sign to participate in the games and activities. These can be found on our webpage www.sarvesalta.no. To do the outdoor activity-trails you have to be at least 120 cm tall for the pink and purple trail, and at least 140 for the green, blue and red ones, as well as the speedy zipline. Maximum weight for participating in activities is 120 kilos with equipment.

Food and beverage
SarvesAlta have a cozy cafe where you can buy delicious homemade food and drinks for a nice price.

Nature walk
You do not feel for climbing today? What about a walk in the nature. We have both forest roads made by humans an paths made by the animals during years. Maybe you will meet some of the animals who lives her on your nature walk.

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August 2018
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Sat 25 Aug 2018 -
Pink and purple tracks (person height 120 - 140 cm):290 NOK
All tracks (height of person min. 140 cm):380 NOK